I've worked within the hardware and software solutions industry for over 30 years. One of the founding members of a game company.

I currently specialize in human interaction design and enjoy creating solutions for mobile, tablet and desktop environments. These are generally enterprise level applications applying good user centered design

principles. I have experience with cell phones, Palm, Windows CE, and custom Motorola hardware. On the desktop side, I've worked on many applications targeted for a typical work environment or used over the web.

My previous work history as been creating background enviroments, developing character models, and game design. I'm capable of generating concept sketches, fleshing them out and then bringing those ideas to a polished state. I had the opportunity to construct many player modules, starting with wire frames, rigging bones, and texturing polygonal models. I'm experienced with environmental layout, pace and flow, puzzle creation, scene lighting and animation. I enjoy working in dynamic team environments. I've been fortunate to work along side with many brilliant people and proud to have had the opportunity to develop some outstanding products. I attribute the many years or experience giving me the Knowledge to turn a typical product into an outstanding product. I absolutely love doing cutting edge work and will continue for many years to come.