Beyond Shadowgate

"One of the best games to come out in a long time"

Electronic Gaming Monthly 1993

Prince Erik has been away for many years, learning the ways of the world and preparing for the day when he would be king. One day, he receives word that his father has been murdered. He hurries home only to be falsely accused of the crime and thrown into prison. You must escape the confines of the prison, and free your land from the villainous forces of the Warlock Lord, who is about to return the land. As you journey to Castle Shadowgate you will have to fight vicious beasts, and solve a great number of puzzles. Your sister has also been kidnapped by the cunning Belezar, a man of great evil. Can you save her, and prevent the Warlock Lord from causing more pain?




Year 1993

Genre Action Adventure

Platform Turbo Grafx ( CD )

Developer Icom Simulations

Publisher NEC

Role Senior Artist

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Electronic Gaming Monthly 1993

And now for something completely different, Beyond Shadowgate is a terrific blend of action and role-play unlike any thing before it. Not only can you interact with nearly every item you see, but you can also use these items to get out of some tricky traps. It’s unfortunate that good games like Beyond Shadowgate don't come out very often. I know I'll be playing this one for a long time

Duoworld 1993

What makes Beyond Shadowgate different from other games is the hand-painted backgrounds that were then digitized into the game. Combined with the advanced color palette of the Duo, the backgrounds give the graphics a depth not found on many other games.

Electronic Gaming Monthly 1993 

A really cool story combined with intense scenes and backgrounds. Very involving!


Your quest is to free the kingdom from the evil grips of the Warlock Lord. You will need to make good use of all the resources you can find throughout your journey. Evil abounds, and creatures great and small will try to defeat you! Use the good that comes of it because the Legend of Shadowgate rests in your hands!

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