Title: Design Journey

Platform: Desktop, Mobile

Timeframe:  1 Week

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Style: Design Spec, High Fidelity

This project showcases the structure and creative solutions for designing infographics, with a focus on innovative approaches for each chart. Examples include implementing animations to dynamically update data, visual engagement and comprehension. Both desktop and mobile views are considered. Additionally, the project documents the iterative process, from initial concepts to playful experiments, demonstrating the evolution of ideas. This project offers insights into the design journey and creative process behind crafting compelling infographics.

Design Process

Creating an infographic that effectively organizes and displays large quantities of information requires planning and creative thinking along with insights into the thinking process behind the work. By incorporating insights from the thinking process, you can create an impactful infographic that effectively communicates complex information in a creative and engaging way across both mobile and desktop platforms.

Step 1: Define the Purpose and Audience

Step 2: Gather and Analyze Data

Step 3: Choose the Right Visual Elements

Mobile Version

Desktop Version

Step 5: Create Engaging Visuals

Step 6: Add Context and Explanation

Step 7: Test and Iterate

Thinking Process Behind the Work