Blues Clues

Blue's Big Musical

 "A cute game with cute moments " - Game Rave 2001

Blue the dog and her friend Steve want to put on a music show, but they'll need the help of PlayStation gamers aged three and older to pull it off in style. Based on the popular Nick Jr. television show, children will play an interactive version of Blue's Clues to find three paw-printed clues relating to the game's story. Once the clues are discovered, players will need to figure out what it all means and pick the solution from three choices. When the mystery is solved, players help choose an opening act and the show goes on.




Year 2001

Genre Adventure, Educational

Platform Sony Playstation

Developer Terraglyph Studios

Publisher THQ

Role Background Artist

Video Reviews

Print Reviews

Moby Games - 2001

For preschoolers it provides age appropriate entertainment and a different way of playing that beloved game of Blue's Clues. For parents, it can provide gentle side-by-side game time with their children. Movement and music can be simultaneously introduced with the title and the only way it could have been any better is if Ray Charles had lent his voice and musical talent to the game like he did the movie.

Family Friendly Gaming - 2005

This is a great Playstation game for kids. They learn about colors, shapes, planning, drawing and more.

Blue’s Clues Blue’s Big Musical looks good for its era, and is fun for kids to play. The activities teach important skills that kids need to learn. I would love to see sequels to Blue’s Clues Blue’s Big Musical in the near future.

Game Rave  - 2000

The game’s true shining point are the mini-games, which really are simple and easily played by young ones. This includes note collecting, musical chairs, item finding and more.