Mobile Information Management Software

 - Motorola 2001

With the advent of mobile computing there is an increasing need for essential information to be transferred to and from the mobile computer. AirMobile provides officers, EMS personnel, firemen, field service and other mobile users with access to up-to-date files such as maps, patient information, reports, latest fire inspections, etc. It does this by providing a method for administrators to maintain the latest version of these files on the mobile computer hard drive through a Wireless Local Area Network ( WLAN ). Updates can occur simultaneously, allowing multiple vehicles to enter and leave the WLAN coverage area at the same time. AirMobile practically eliminates the need to take an entire fleet of vehicles into the shop and out of service for information updates. The Wireless Solution for the transfer of files and application upgrades.




Year 2001

Category Public Safety 

Platform Windows

Developer Motorola

Publisher Motorola

Role Lead UX Designer

Print Materials

Linked In - Nov 2019

AirMobile software virtualized the client on a shared server within the Enterpriseand reduced the chatty overhead of typical Enterprise client-server email applications.

Light Reading - Jun 2002

AirMobile allows information to move efficiently throughout our

jurisdiction for distribution to all field personnel providing valuable, rapid

and secure access to critical communications.

Motorola - 2001

For over five years, AirMobile has been selected and deployed by first responders for secure, automatic data exchange between a mobile

terminal and a network. With transport network independence, AirMobile works over IP-compliant networks to provide the service.

Business Fleet - Feb 2001

The AirMobile solution virtually eliminates the need to take an entire fleet of vehicles out of service and into the shop for information updates, lowering the total cost of maintaining the mobile data system.


Beautify and develop branding for the application. Icons of multiple sizes were created for each platform. This included small icons for quick at a glance actions and larger icons for system messaging. The title page graphic started as a single site and as the product evolved the branding changed to incorporate multi-site distribution.