Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark?

"Parents Choice Award"

Newsweek 1995

The Tale of Orpheo’s Curse. Unfold a classic ghost story in this unique storytelling game…. You are a brother and sister team trapped inside a haunted theatre. You discover Orpheo, the Mad Magician, has put an evil curse on it…. or so you think. Dare to explore this ghoulish theatre as you search for clues to unlock the mystery. Remember…surprise await you at every turn. During the height of Vaudeville in the 1920′s, the showman magician Orpheo the Great was so popular that he opened his own huge theatre. Orpheo dazzle the audience with his spectacular shows of skillful illusion. Every night crowds poured into his theatre drawn by the mystery of magic. That is until one fateful night…




Year 1994

Genre Action Adventure

Platform Windows and Macintosh

Developer Viacom New Media

Publisher Viacom International

Role Senior Artist

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Newsweeks - 1995

We would like to personally present you with the Newsweek Editors' Choice Award for Are You Afraid o the Dark?: The Tale of Orpheo's Curse. In addition, we will tell you and your promotions staff more about Parent's Guide to Children's Software 96 and some of the unique ways Newsweek and retailers will be promoting it along with the Top 50 winners. 

CHUG -1996

This game program is packed with a great number of excellent features and functions. Some of the more significant ones include: (1) lets you search for clues to solve the numerous puzzles, (2) provides hints and tips from talking ghosts, (3) has outstanding graphics, (4) has a nice story line to get you into the act, (S) lets you control the video and storytelling scenes, (6) has a backpack to carry any object you manage to pick up along your way, and (7) much, much more.

Mac Home Journal - 1996

The graphics in Tale of Orpheo's Cure are presented in stunning 3-D. Every room is depicted from multiple angles and perspectives, what looks like a boring wail could contain a secret door. The soundtrack in each roam are unique to each mood and situation.