PremierOne Handheld 

Access critical information on-the-go

 - Motorola 2002

The Premier Handheld software provides transmission of secure, detailed information from the Message Switch to field personnel. Transactions are encrypted using 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) including, silent dispatches that allow officer status updates to effectively inform dispatch of their disposition. The reality today is that voice radio traffic can interfere with the officer’s requests and ability to communicate with other officers. This messaging feature allows the officers to silently and securely exchange messages with anyone connected to the system.




Year 2002

Category Mobile 

Platform PalmOS

Developer Motorola

Publisher Motorola

Role Lead UX Designer

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First responders have to be ready for anything

A picture of a suspect helps officers better prepare before approaching a front door. The photo of a missing child serves as a quick reference point while out on patrol or searching a specific area. PremierOne Handheld enables responders the ability to instantly share information such as photos, subjects, vehicles and anyone viewing the incident.

As an incident unfolds, officers need to know who or what they are dealing with at all times. They need quick and secure access to critical details about people, property, vehicles and incidents. PremierOne Handheld’s querying capability delivers instant access to federal and state databases allowing you to run database queries from the field.

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Motorola - 2002

Access to the right information at the right time in the right place is vital for faster, safer outcomes.

PremierOne™ Handheld keeps responders connected with mission-critical data on their iOS and Android-powered devices. This purpose-built mobile application lets responders quickly and securely look up critical details about people, property, vehicles and incidents while on the move. 

When integrated with PremierOne CAD & Mobile, PremierOne Handheld extends command to the front line by bringing mapping, incident updates, and dispatch capabilities to the field, enabling responders to better manage their operations on the go. No matter where they are - in their car, or on foot, bicycle, horseback or motorcycle this mobile application lets officers collaborate in real time and control their access to critical data, improving situational awareness and response time.


At the time there were heavy restrictions on color, size and amount of graphics that could be displayed on the device.  This application was built to be optimized for performance and stability. Color, black and white icons were created to work on multiple devices.