Premier MDC 

Timely Access To Criitical Information

 - Motorola 2002

With access to the right information when they need it, first responders can make smarter, faster and safer decisions. Citizens feel more secure. Communities thrive.

Premier MDC makes it possible. This highly scalable mobile data solution, for U.S. and International markets, is designed specifically to meet the needs of low-bandwidth networks. It enables timely, efficient and secure access to federal, state and local databases, giving officers first-hand knowledge of mission critical information. Responders can get key details on people, places and property to help speed decision making and response; everyone stays safer with integrated data communications that are easily shared across local, state and federal jurisdictions.




Year 2002

Category Public Safety 

Platform Windows

Developer Motorola

Publisher Motorola

Role Lead UX Designer

Video Promo

Know what and who you're dealing with

The availability of relevant, real-time information helps public safety responders better prepare and anticipate what comes next. Premier MDC assures quick and secure query access to the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System, the National Crime Information Center and records management systems data that can alert them to potentially life-saving information.

Print Reviews

Mobile Info - Jul 2002

Offers new options for viewing agency address books when sending a message or a page within Premier MDC. In addition to allowing officers to sort the address book entries

RadioResource - Aug 2013

We upgraded to help streamline our current operations while preparing for a next-generation, multimedia-rich environment," said communications commander, Washington State Patrol. "Our troopers’ safety is paramount to operations.

Motorola - 2013

Premier MDC provides access to information from the confines of patrol cars, fire vehicles or ambulances — or via software for handheld devices, even while on foot patrol or bicycle.

This allows a sergeant to see all units on the scene, while limiting a patrol officer’s view to only those units in the same beat or assigned to the same incident.

Doit - 2021

Motorola's Premier MDC software allows me to interface with my agency's Computer Aided Dispatch and mobile reporting system. Motorola has developed pricing options for agencies that desire to upgrade to this interface.

Flow Charts

These charts were created for Product Managers to better communicate concepts to stake holders and employees during company-wide presentations. Some were printed and used at conferences and as promotional material to hand out to clients.

MDC Terminal Flow

System Flow

Mobile AFIS Flow

Concept Design

In this concept the request was to refresh the look and feel of the legacy mobile client. The primary input was a touch screen surface paired with an onboard keyboard. I focused on simplifiying the UI so important content didnt get lost. I also relocated secondary content front and center such as time / date and signal strength which was previously buried in the bottom right corner. This was a highly customizable interface so resizing and rearranging was important to clients. Many hours of feedback was gathered and organized during the first phase of the project.