Over the past decade, I have actively contributed to the field of user experience design, working on diverse projects and producing various impactful documents. These include conducting rigorous usability testing to ensure optimal user interactions, creating user experience summaries that distill key insights, and developing comprehensive usability reports with actionable recommendations. I have also crafted compelling software proposals, incorporating context awareness and location-based technologies. Additionally, I have utilized user observation reports to capture real-world user behaviors, written engaging video scripts to showcase software products, and explored future concepts. My work has involved wireframes, design specifications, diagrams, and workflows, all supported by extensive UX research, enabling me to deliver exceptional user experiences.

User Experience Summary

Software Concept: Bots

New Product Introduction

Contextual Awareness

Observation Report

Showcase Video

Enhanced Location

Software Concept: Clock Widget

High Fidelity Mockup

IA Diagrams

Industrial Design

Widgets: Enriched Events