Software Product

Bots Concept

Version 2.0


Bots are sets of intelligent rules designed to simplify and solve user problems by leveraging contextual information. When enabled, they provide a range of services to users, capable of handling both simple and complex tasks. Unlike traditional modes, bots offer much more, allowing users to add a touch of personality and automate tasks based on the context. Bots can be inferred, pre-loaded, shared, or created by users. They utilize contextual information obtained from various virtual sensor outputs. It's important to note that bots are not traditional "Apps" but rather a set of rules and logic created directly on the phone.


Consumers of Bots:

The majority of our users fall into this category. They simply want Bots to accomplish their tasks without complex configurations. Our Bots are presented in a fun and engaging manner, and our Context Engine ensures that the right Bots are surfaced at appropriate times. Notifications are designed to be non-intrusive. Users can also discover new Bots through our community platform.

Creators of Bots:

For more advanced users, we provide the ability to create new Bots. These users can create both simple and complex Bots directly on their phones. Newly created Bots can be shared and published within our community, allowing others to benefit from their innovations.

Trust and Privacy:

We understand that Bots may require access to private or sensitive information. When enabling a Bot, users will be prompted to provide the necessary information. Trust is established through user opt-in, ensuring that users have control over their data.

Core Principles:

Our core principles revolve around making the phone easy and fun to use, enabling users to get the most out of their devices based on their individual needs. We also recognize the valued contributions of our community members and provide rewards accordingly. We strive to make the experience engaging and entertaining while building and maintaining trust. Lastly, we add a touch of personality to enhance the overall user experience.

Core Elements:

Our software product consists of the following core elements.


Our rewards system serves two critical purposes. Firstly, it provides gratification and engagement to the user, enhancing the overall experience. Secondly, it rewards users for creating and contributing interesting Bots.

We are excited to introduce Bots, a revolutionary software product that brings intelligent Bots to your fingertips. Experience a seamless and personalized user journey with our intuitive interface, engaging features, and rewarding experiences. Join our vibrant community and unleash the power of contextual automation in the palm of your hand.