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 - Paylocity 2013

Paylocity Mobile provides convenient self-service access to your individual Payroll and Human Resource information, 24/7. Users may view or email paycheck information, view time-off balances, manage time-off requests, search the company directory, view company news and more - all from a single, easy to use application.

The Paylocity Mobile experience is redefining the world of Payroll and HR by providing our more than 10,000 nationwide clients and their employees with a convenient method of staying connected, anytime, anywhere. This brings the flexibility of our safe, true cloud based solution, into the palm of your hand.

Turn your mobile device into a secure information powerhouse with Paylocity Mobile, and gain instant access to your most common payroll tasks, company communications, reminders and more, when you need it the most.




Year 2013

Category Mobile 

Platform IOS / Android

Developer Paylocity

Publisher Paylocity

Role Lead UX Designer

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iTunes - 2013

Paylocity makes it easy for us to manage everything from onboarding, timekeeping, PTO, and payroll. We had two separate systems for timecards and payroll and no system for onboarding before and Paylocity has helped us go almost completely paperless. Timekeeping is easy and the mobile app is excellent for the employees.

Download - 2013

Edit your personal info, search the company Directory, or view current and historical Pay info on-the-go. Punch in and out from anywhere in the field or from designated areas with geofencing support and historical map views. Access Company Links and acknowledge documents. Stay current on Company News and announcements. Recognize employee achievements with Impressions.

Get App - 2022

Out of the 4 payroll companies that we have used over the last 10 yrs, Paylocity is my favorite. The program is the easiest to use and the employees like it the best!

Nerdwallet - Jul 28, 2022

Paylocity's payroll services can handle greater complexity than some systems. That makes it more scalable - and a particularly good fit for midsize and large businesses with complicated requirements or large payrolls.

G2 - Oct 18, 2022

Paylocity has been a game changer for our company. It's easy to use for everyone, employees, supervisors and HR and really helped us to streamline our processes. The time savings just on timecards and payroll alone has given my supervisors and myself hours back in our weeks so we can focus on other things. Everyone here loves it!! 

Trust Radius - Nov 22, 2022

We use Paylocity for payroll and benefits. It stream lines updating multiple employees in the benefits module vs. updating health ins. deductions on each individual employee. It's easier to track PTO vs. Intuit's process. It easier with 401k when the company is bridged so the 401k is processed automatically. I have been doing it manually for years especially with Intuit payroll software. Paylocity makes this simpler.