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Inside Mac Games 1991

The world has plunged into depression and devastation…the once mighty Kingdom is no longer. You set out upon your life long pursuit – to restore order and prosperity to the Kingdom. Having no experience, training, or money, you seek out the TaskMaker, one of the few powers left in the world, to help you. Under his guidance, you must explore lands, caves and castles to complete the 10 tasks the TaskMaker assigns. Tasks are unique and gradually increase in difficulty as you unlock secrets, communicate with people, and fight with monsters. Successfully complete all 10 tasks and you will be rewarded with the title of Master of the Land. Masters are given the power to change the game’s world and environment to suite their own preferences. Prove yourself honorable and gain the wisdom necessary for true freedom!





Year 1989

Genre Adventure RPG

Platform Macintosh

Developer Storm/Impact Inc

Publisher XOR Corporation

Role Lead Artist

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TaskMaker's graphics are detailed and often downright impressive. Dungeons are filled with textures, traps, and transporters. In addition to using commands, player can find hidden passages and traps can be done by looking at subtle differences in the appearance of walls and floors on the screen.  Secret switches to force fields, trap doors and transporters, and traps are placed throughout the dungeon making it difficult for players to complete quests until they have had the chance to explore every dungeon cavern.

Outer Terra has an impressive array of monsters and inhabitants more than 200 different types of creatures can be found throughout the continent. In addition to typical dungeon monsters (goblins, skeletons,

etc.) TaskMaker is filled with original and humorous fiends.

In addition to a variety of creatures, TaskMaker has more than 300 objects that players can buy, find or obtain as they explore Outer Terra. Some objects are magic, others are cursed. Many are also humorous. You can arm your self with a Shakes Spear. 

TaskMaker is contains good battle and movement simulations. As players move throughout the dungeon, blind spots are obscured until they move around corners, through doorways, etc. As players battle opponents, they can wield weapons, use objects and cast spells. When monsters are severely injured they run away. When necessary, players can also try to run away.


TaskMaker is a role-playing video game for the Macintosh, developed by the American software company Storm Impact. Originally released in 1989, it was upgraded in 1993, featuring color graphics and compatibility with newer versions of the classic Mac OS. The player controls a protagonist who is under the mentorship of the eponymous TaskMaker, a ruler who assigns ten different quests. Completing these quests involves solving various gameplay puzzles, along with battling monsters, and the final task involves a battle against the TaskMaker himself. TaskMaker received mixed reception regarding its overall storyline and gameplay.

Storm Impact also released a sequel, The Tomb of the Taskmaker, in 1997. In this game, the protagonist has succeeded the TaskMaker in becoming ruler of the land, and is once again assigned ten different quests to retrieve magical artifacts. 

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