Title: Minecraft Chair

Media: Wood and Acrylic Paint

Timeframe: 1 month

Materials: Paint, Brushes, Masking Tape

Style: Hand Painted

This charity project was dedicated to raising funds for local businesses. Artists were provided unfinished Adirondack chairs as the starting point. The only guideline is what the sponsor and artist agreed upon. My sponsor gave me free reign so I chose  Minecraft the game as inspiration.. Here is my journey... the process began with the construction and painting of an Adirondack in the Minecraft game theme, which was then meticulously deconstructed and reshaped. Paying homage to the game, the piece featured pixelated elements and carefully masked and painted parts to resemble the Minecraft environment, capturing its distinct blocky aesthetic. At the auction, the Minecraft chair sold quilcky. I was so proud to help out my community.