High Fidelity Mockups

Title: Chariot Project

Platform: Desktop

Timeframe: 4 Months

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Style: High Fidelity 

To  craft an updated UI for the Smart Signal System, a sophisticated platform designed to monitor machinery sound patterns and predict part lifespan. Key features include a chart-driven interface, leveraging various charts to visualize data trends and predictive analytics. Additionally, tear-away screens provide flexibility for users to focus on specific data points or insights. A carousel interface is implemented for efficiently browsing through an image gallery, while performance charts offer comprehensive insights into machinery health and performance metrics. Side navigation facilitates seamless navigation between different sections of the application, complemented by lists and forms for data input and management. Through a combination of intuitive design elements and advanced functionality, this UI overhaul aims to enhance user experience and maximize the system's predictive capabilities.

Smart Signal Chariot

Introducing Smart Signal Chariot, the next-generation software solution that revolutionizes hardware monitoring and maintenance. This powerful software is equipped with advanced capabilities to detect changes in hardware sound over time, accurately predicting potential failures. Designed with a focus on the user experience, Smart Signal offers intuitive navigation, a simplified graphical interface, and configurable windows. It presents information through informative charts, empowering users with actionable insights. Experience the future of hardware management with Smart Signal's cutting-edge features and seamless functionality.