Media: Wood and Paint

Timeframe: 3 Days

Materials: Longboard, Acrylic, Pen, Grippy Tape

Style: Hand Painted

The exhilarating world of custom longboard design. Painting the bottom of a longboard is a multi-step process that requires careful planning and attention to detail. First, prepare the surface of the longboard by cleaning it and ensuring it is free of any dirt, dust, or debris that could interfere with the painting process. Next, I sketch out my design directly onto the board using a pencil, taking into account the curvature and dimensions of the board to ensure proper placement and proportion. Once the sketch is finalized, I begin layering acrylic paint onto the board, starting with broad strokes to establish the base colors and gradually adding more detail and depth as the painting progresses. Throughout the process, I use a combination of brushes to achieve the desired texture and effects. Finally, I apply a clear sealant to protect the finished painting from scratches or damage, ensuring that the artwork remains vibrant and durable.