Bluetooth Tracker

Enhanced Connectivity

Version 0.5 – July 17, 2012


Introducing the Bluetooth Tracker, a cutting-edge piece of hardware that integrates seamlessly with Smart Actions. Smart Actions initially launched on the Motorola RAZR in November 2011, has gained immense popularity with over 1.6 million users and an impressive adoption rate of over 50%. With the potential to reach millions of users worldwide, the Bluetooth Tracker opens up a wide range of market opportunities across various devices, including iPhones, Android phones, and more.

Market Opportunity:

As Android approaches a billion activations, our projections indicate that the post-Google acquisition of Smart Actions could lead to a user base of 500 million. With such a vast market potential, each trigger within Smart Actions presents significant opportunities. On average, consumers could easily find value in 3 to 5 Smart Buttons, such as for their nightstand, car, garage door, or exercise bag. Even with a conservative estimate of a 5% purchase rate among Smart Actions users and an average of 4 Smart Buttons per user, this translates into a remarkable $1 billion revenue opportunity.

Moreover, the market extends beyond Android, with the potential for embedding Smart Buttons into appliances and devices like remote controls or TVs.

Key Features:


Use Cases:


The Bluetooth Tracker revolutionizes connectivity and automation, seamlessly integrating with Smart Actions. Its compact design, wide-ranging applications, and affordable price point make it an essential tool for users across various devices and scenarios. Experience enhanced convenience, efficiency, and connectivity with the Bluetooth Tracker.