Floigan Brothers

"One Awesome Cartoon!"

 - IGN 2001

Large and lovable Moigle has a Secret Project that will keep the greedy Baron Malodorous and his gang of Mercenary Cats from taking over the Floigan Junkyard. Unfortunately, Moigle has lost the parts he needs to complete his project so he must enlist the help of his quick-witted older brother, Hoigle. Together, the Floigan Brothers play games and solve puzzles, all while defending their family turf! Hoigle must work with Moigle to accomplish many tasks. Moigle, on the other hand, is more frequently interested in playing games or eating. By playing with Moigle, Hoigle can eventually teach him the skills he needs to get the job done.




Year 1998

Genre Action Adventure 

Platform SEGA Dreamcast

Developer Visual Concepts

Publisher SEGA

Role Senior 3D Artist

Video Reviews

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Bernie Stolar, President SEGA of America - 2001

Floigan wIll do for the SEGA what Mario did for Nintendo.

IGN - 2001

Floigan Brothers is a throwback to classic cartoon humor and combined with great visuals, jazzy tunes, excellent voice acting, and interesting puzzles.

Floigan Brothers delivers great looks, awesome sounds, and cartoon comedy that will have anyone who has laughed at a Tex Avery cartoon smile with great delight.

Daily Radar- 2000

What makes the game so distinctive aside from its Tex Avery-inspired brand of slapstick humor-is the detail evident in every part of its design. Visual Concepts has created lovely characters with full 3D movement, who are well able to access and interact with nearly everything in their surroundings. Some of these actions are necessary to move ahead in the game. while others will merely provoke some sort of sight gag and/or emotional response: accidentally stumble into the river, for example, and you'll shoot out of the drainpipe.

Gamers Republic - 2001

So is Floigan Bros. worth the wait? Is it must-see TV? Well, I believe the answer is yes, and yes.

Thanks to a user-friendly interlace, a great tutorial, and thoroughly buttoned-up gameplay, it comes off without a hitch. Plus, is actually pretty funny.