Title: Logos and People

Client: Microsystems

Platform: Print Material, Posters, Buttons, Shirts

Timeframe: 3 weeks

Software: Adobe Illustrator

Style: Flat Style with Gradients

Creating logos and print materials in a flat illustration style while incorporating colorful and simple shapes involves a creative process. Firstly, I begin by brainstorming ideas and concepts that align with the brand's identity and message, ensuring they resonate with the intended audience. Once the concepts are refined, I sketch out rough drafts to explore various designs, focusing on incorporating bold colors to add depth and visual interest. When creating the final designs, I pay close attention to the smallest details. Throughout the process, I maintain a balance between simplicity and vibrancy, ensuring the designs are both eye-catching and easily recognizable. Finally, I refine and polish the designs, making any necessary adjustments while ensuring they remain true to the brand's identity and message.