Mobile Screens

Title: Mobile Screens

Platform: iOS, Android, WinPhone

Timeframe: 8 weeks

Software: Adobe Illustrator

Style: Flat Style with Gradients

Creating illustrations for a mobile phone in a flat style with gradients to simulate light sources is a process that involves several steps. First, I conceptualize the illustrations, considering their purpose, audience, and the overall aesthetic. Once the concepts are finalized, I sketch out rough drafts to establish composition, layout, and proportions, ensuring they are optimized for mobile viewing. Next, I digitally create the illustrations using vector graphics software, refining each element to achieve a clean, minimalist look. I apply gradients to certain areas of the illustrations to simulate light sources and add depth and dimensionality, carefully considering the direction of light to create realistic shading effects. I constantly iterate and refine the illustrations, making adjustments as needed. Finally, I export the illustrations into the mobile app,  enhancing the user experience with their vibrant colors and dynamic lighting effects.