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Turbo Play 1992

Things have grown dark in the land of Krellion. The source of all good things, five powerful wizards known as “The Ring of Five,” have disappeared. Three evil beings from the shadow realm — three Dark Ones – have kidnapped and hidden the Ring of Five. And now, as the summer equinox approaches, the Dark Ones threaten to break the barrier separating Krellion from the shadow realm and cast Krellion into darkness forever. Only one warrior, Lykos, can rescue the Ring of Five, destroy the Dark Ones and restore Krellion to the beautiful place it once was.




Year 1991

Genre Action Adventure

Platform Turbo Grafx  ( CD )

Developer Icom Simulations

Publisher NEC

Role Lead Artist

Video Reviews

Print Reviews

Game Pro - 1992 

The variety of graphics is impressive. The ShapeShifter world is full of eye catching creatures, terrains, and civilizations.

VideoGames & Computer Entertainment - 1992

Its well crafted graphics and digitized voices boost it a few notches above the competition. In other words, you'll keep playing just to see what comes next.

Turboplay - 1992

Shapeshifter is an action/adventure with the right degree of role-play thrown in. The introduction to the game has some super graphics. The game also has multi-scrolling in the action scenes. The real voice conversations draw you into the game and the storyline makes it hard to put down.