Rocko's Modern Life

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SNES Buyers Guide 1994

He’s your dog, he’s your problem.” Rocko’s just an average Australian Wallaby trying to get by in life, but he’s hindered by the antics of his not-so-bright pooch, Spunky. Spunky gets himself into lots of trouble, chasing down errant flying disks, amorous mops, ice cream vendors, and other odd objects. Since Spunky is more bark than brains, he doesn’t watch where he’s going when he’s chasin’ after things. It’s up to Rocko – and – you – to keep him out of trouble by clearing the path in front of him, knocking pests, debris, and other nuisances out of his way. You get Spunky out of trouble and out of each level by leading him to the Golden Fire Hydrants.




Year 1994

Genre Action Puzzle Solving

Platform Super NES

Developer Viacom New Media

Publisher Viacom International

Role Lead Artist

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Print Reviews

GamePro - 1994

The graphics in the game are as funny and well-drawn as they are in the cartoon show. Every sprite has a range of exaggerated movements, lending to both the art and style of the game. The back grounds are clever, and each level holds different enemies, so you won't see 'em twice. Surprisingly, with all the attention put on the graphics, the sound is very good as well. Plenty of minor voice enhancements were lifted directly from the cartoon, and the music is not as annoying and repetitive as in most puzzle games.

Super NES Reviews  -1994

Viacom makes a big impression on me with their first Super Nintendo game.Not only did they use a great cartoon, they introduce a new style of game that is fairly unique. The color and animation of the characters are also very impressive and close to the show. For a first game, this is really good for players of many ages.

Electronic Gaming Monthly - 1994 

Rock's Modern Life is an interactive cartoon based on the Nickelodeon animated series of the same name. It wasn't all that easy to create Rocko since they were producing the game at the same time the show was being created. The animators of the show would send the development team rough drawings Rocko and the gang which they would then incorporate into their computers paint and animation program to bring the characters to life.

Game Graphics


Rocko's Modern Life: Spunky's Dangerous Day is a puzzle-platform game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It is based on the Nickelodeon series Rocko's Modern Life (1993–1996). There are four areas, each with four levels: a beach, a junkyard, a backyard, and a laundromat.4 In each section, Spunky gets distracted by objects such as mops, frisbees, and ice cream vendors and goes after them without any awareness of the hazards around him; the player acts as Rocko manipulating parts of the level environment to safely guide Spunky to a golden fire hydrant.