Smart Actions Showcase Video

Revised Brief 

Version 1.1 - June 8th 2012


Increase awareness and comprehension of Smart Actions among current Motorola smartphone owners, while generating interest in potential smartphone purchases. The video will be featured on and used in customer sell-in presentations.


Develop a dynamic video that demonstrates how Smart Actions significantly enhances users' daily lives. Showcasing Motorola phones' ability to manage and optimize settings behind the scenes, the video will highlight the freedom it provides users to focus on what truly matters.

For instance:


Create a compelling video lasting between 60 to 90 seconds, highlighting the exclusive Smart Actions experience provided by Motorola phones. Emphasize the benefits to consumers rather than technical specifications or specific features.


The video should have an authentic and relatable tone, easily understandable by non-tech-savvy users, while exuding confidence and boldness.


The visuals should align with the various use cases of Smart Actions, showcasing a lifestyle-focused imagery while adhering to the consistent Motorola brand guidelines.


Adopt a cool and modern theme, featuring urban, youthful users engaging in non-work-related activities. Avoid a geeky or overly technical approach, emphasizing the everyday benefits of Smart Actions.

Showcase Script

Title: Smart Actions: Enhancing Your Smartphone Experience

[Opening scene: A person placing their Motorola smartphone on a charger before going to bed]

Narrator: Every night, when I lay my phone to rest, something incredible happens. Smart Actions takes charge, seamlessly managing and optimizing my phone's settings, so I can focus on what truly matters in life.

[Visual transition: The phone screen fades to black, indicating silence]

Narrator: It silences all notifications, allowing me to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. But that's not all.

[Visual transition: Alarm clock icon appears on the screen]

Narrator: Smart Actions sets my alarm to the perfect playlist, gently waking me up to my favorite tunes.

[Visual transition: Phone screen shows a car dashboard]

Narrator: And when I step into my car, my Motorola phone seamlessly connects with the Bluetooth, turning up the ringer, launching my music app or GPS directions, and enabling hands-free calling or texting.

[Visual transition: Battery icon appears on the screen]

Narrator: Throughout the day, as my battery drains, Smart Actions continually optimizes my phone's performance. It intelligently turns off background data sync when idle, dims the display to save power, all while ensuring I never miss an important call or text.

[Visual transition: Lifestyle imagery of people using Motorola smartphones]

Narrator: Smart Actions isn't just about technology; it's about empowering you to live a more active, fulfilling life. Say goodbye to phone distractions and hello to a world where your smartphone adapts to your needs effortlessly.

[Visual transition: Brand message appears on the screen]

Narrator: Smart Actions - Making your smartphone smarter.

[Closing scene: A person happily using their Motorola smartphone]

Narrator: Discover the exclusive Smart Actions experience and unlock the true potential of your Motorola smartphone. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine what it means to stay connected.

[End screen: Motorola logo and website URL]

Narrator: Motorola - Elevating your smartphone experience.

[Note: The video can be easily updated with new screen images to align with future software updates.]