Violent Seed

"Conquer the Earth"

- Rabid Entertainment 1997

Violent Seed is a classic overhead shooter in a 3D environment. Fly your alien spacecraft recklessly through populated cites at choose-your-path decision points and multiple flight altitudes, with speeds exceeding the sound barrier. You are the lone alien craft that has broken through earth’s defences. Interactive backgrounds allow for special targeting of objects and let players pick up items like cars and people, and then use them as bombs on other objects in the game. Players can wreak havoc on recognizable landmarks such as Paris, Washington D.C. and New York. There are five different player weapons each with multiple stage power-ups and 10 levels of action.




Year 1997

Genre Action Shooter 

Platform Windows and Playstation 

Developer Rabid Entertainment

Publisher Unpublished

Role Senior Artist

Video Reviews

Promotional Video

The humans have offended your race by discovering Martian technology that is forbidden to them. Your task is to destroy all of Earth's major cities and put them back in their place. Wreak havoc on Paris, New York, Washington DC, and London. In addition to the standard fare of shooter weaponry, your ship also has the ability to pick up cars, trains, gas tankers, and animated characters and then use them as bombs on other targets. 

Print Reviews

Gameinformer- 1997

Violent Seed sounds like it could be an excellent shooter with some new and innovative ideas. Hopefully, it will breathe new life into the formulaic genre that shooters have become.

Videogame Advisor - 1997

Violend Seed expands the classic top down shooter by adding choose-your-path decision points and gameplay at multiple flight "altitudes and speeds. Interactive back-grounds allow for special targeting of objects and items such as cars and people, and then use them as weapons on other objects in the game.