"Best Sports Game of the Year!"

Macworld 1990

No Snow? No Problem! MacSki brings the slopes to you! The only thing you'll need is a little daring while swooshing through these runs. Digitized sound and color graphics provide spectacular effects. Over 24 challenging course layouts, or design your own dream course using MacSki's built in Course Editor. Create up to 256 different course combinations based on difficulty level, snow condition, visibility and wind speed. If you're ready to hit the slopes - MacSki is your lift ticket to fun!




Year 1990

Genre Action / Sports

Platform Macintosh

Developer Storm/Impact Inc

Publisher XOR Corporation

Role Lead Artist

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Game Hall of Fame - Macworld - 1990

The game is a hoot. As you shooosh downhill you must avoid a cartoony collection of amusing obstacles, including hopping jackrabbits, medics bearing fallen competitors, and sexy snow bunnies. Besides your being graded on standard stuff like speed and slalom gates, certain runs are scored on less traditional criteria. like passing through tiny Stonehenge arches, or busting through snowmen, or- animal lovers, take cover--how many penguins you can mow down. Some real skill is required, especially for the more difficult runs.

Best Sports Game: MacSki - Macworld 1990

The graphics and sound effects in this game are original and entertaining, with a little practice I quickly found myself flying down the slopes like a pro. I also enjoyed designing my own courses and challenging friends to top my records.


Go skiing - try and beat your best time! This game includes a lot of silly stuff for you to dodge, even Stonehenge structures to ski through.