Lunch Bag Art

Title: Lunch Bag Art

Media: Brown Paper Bags

Timeframe: 2 years

Materials: Pen, Cray-Pas, Chalk, Mixed Media

Style: Hand drawn, Quick, Fast, Humor

As a social experiment, I began drawing on my kids' lunch bags, never anticipating the remarkable journey that would unfold. I would not ask for the bags back and often my kids would just throw them away, lost amid the chaos of school lunches. However, a pivotal moment occurred when my son, inspired by the game Skyrim, requested a custom illustration of the main character. Little did I know, this seemingly little request would ignite a wildfire of attention among his classmates. His friends started taking pictures and asked if they could get a custom lunch bag. Suddenly, my humble lunch bag drawings became treasures, sought after by peers and even teachers. What started as a solitary endeavor soon evolved into a daily ritual, with demands pouring in from every corner of the schoolyard. For two years, I found myself immersed in a whirlwind of sketches, I was drawing at least 4 lunch bags a day! As my children graduated and bid farewell to their school days, I too bid adieu to my beloved lunch bag artistry and finally got some well deserved rest.